Lydia's true nature is a well-guarded secret, one she's been keeping for years, years marked by fabrication and constant hatred of everyone around her. Unbeknownst to her, one of her classmates already knows everything. And when he reveals this to her, she asks him to become her confidant, and be someone with whom she can truly be herself.

This game contains serious themes regarding mental illness and is not recommended for those under 16. 

Fullscreen is recommended for the best experience.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorStorysinger Presents
TagsMultiple Endings, Slice Of Life, Story Rich, Twine

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For somebody who lacks affective empathy Lydia is quite a decent (i.e. not destructive) person. She doesn't bully people, doesn't think too high of herself, doesn't cause drama just for fun, haven't committed or tried to commit any crimes. I think she is about as manipulative as gay people have to be in strictly religious countries like Saudi Arabia. She even bothered to read about deontology and utilitarianism in attempt to grok morality logically. I don't think that she has AntiSocial Personality Disorder, despite lack of empathy. After all, lack of affective empathy isn't the only trait of ASPD and it's even not trait exclusive to ASPD . She also doesn't look like having Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissism. I wonder, what her condition could be?

I also would expect Daniel to be more cynical and experienced at recognizing manipulations, given that even normies manipulate each other.

P.S. Question for you, I hope you will answer. In the game Lydia said that there are few people about whom she really cares. Whom did she mean?

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Nice UI decision to highlight certain text in pink to proceed to the next screen -- not sure if it's built in or was inspired by a different game, but it's the first time I've seen it!

I love the sudden switch of the Lydia's characterization at the very beginning, and wondered if she was a sociopath. Her control-focused tone reminded me a little of the protagonist-narrators from "You" and "Dexter."

In general, the written narrative voice could have used some polish, and there's some minor formatting errors, but the story's pacing and concept started very strong. I loved the twist with Daniel when she confesses to him, and was very excited for the POV switch. As Daniel thinks about Lydia, I also found myself  wholly intrigued and wondering what was up with her.

The characters -- particularly the side characters -- are nicely grounded and remind me of people I've met in real life.

Towards the end, the story does rather become walls of text, as less actual events occur and we stick more to Lydia's anxious inner thoughts. Still, I got an unexpectedly wholesome ending my first try and that was nice enough to get me to replay for 100% completion. 

Btw I really thought Lydia was plotting to murder her friends this whole time and that she was quietly looking forward to it lol. I was surprised by how tame the story ended up being, but not unpleasantly so. The story drew me in with sheer suspense at the start, but I'm grateful that it's not the same old "dark for dark's sake" -- if that makes sense.

Overall, it's an interesting premise with good characters, and I'm glad I played it. Thank you for sharing!

*Edits: I made a couple of additions and fixed some words I goofed on. :)


this story was really interesting! i didn't expect to root for Lydia so much; i really feel for her, especially the way daniel treated her and thought about her, but i also kind of understand why he acted the way he did :( i also really want to go read some of the work from that author now! i thought the author and novels were made up for the sake of the story but i'm excited to go check them out!


Whew. That was good stuff.

I loved the whole interactions between the family the most - I couldn't relate to Lydia personally, but logically. Why she upholds her facade.

The whole story is super well written, and the changes between the POVs give a good flow to it!

Time to check out your other works.


Thank you very much; I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy my other works too (old as some of them are!) 

I also have a very cool project that'll be out for IF Comp 2018 , so please look forward to that! I'll be posting some previews to Twitter in the next few weeks! :)